How often is it that you go to bed at night feeling a genuine sense of satisfaction, knowing you made someone’s life a little easier, or a little better? 

There aren’t all that many opportunities to be a part of a setting where you are allowed to guide multiple people with the experience you’ve gained over the years, where you can help them through a step-by-step process to achieve the vision they’ve had for their business – franchising with TAB can help you be just that person.

If you see yourself coaching members, being a leader in your own right and joining a community of like-minded colleagues, then a TAB franchise might just be the thing for you. 

There is the obvious advantage of adding value to the lives of several people, working on developing their businesses and acting as an overall advisory board, but what you may not know is that along with changing the lives of others, owning a TAB business can change your life too. 

A rewarding experience

There is also an unmatched level of contentment felt across our TBOs. To transfer skills you have learnt over the years in your corporate life to several people who are in the same place you were years ago, to provide clarity on the various obstacles smaller business owners seem to face, and be able to build a realistic business plan that ensures success – all in all, brings forth an incredible feeling of personal fulfilment.

Tim Horbury, the owner of TAB Adelaide City, SA, says he enjoys the feeling of selflessness within the TAB community. “The reason I bought the TAB franchise and bought into the system was because there was a belief in the methodology of caring for other people and helping others”.

Franchisee for TAB Gordon and Sydney Hills, Andrew Lawrence says he loves getting people together to see the magic happen around the board table. “It’s the light of my life, having these people get together and make a real difference”.

Unparalleled training and support

For starters, in the process of helping others achieve their vision and goals, you learn a thing or two about running your own business, possibly even finding solutions to your business problems while helping others find theirs.

Our franchisees also have access to world-class training to improve their leadership skills and a team of talented business-owners with whom they can discuss ideas, share knowledge and receive advice.

Work life balance

Franchisees for The Alternative Board also enjoy flexible working lives, choosing their own workloads, hours and structure, to ensure they’re getting the most out of their careers.

Spend more time with your family, working on things you’re passionate about and bonding with like-minded people.

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