The Alternative Board Tools

Advisory Boards

You’ve heard of “think tanks”; well we run “do tanks”.  Imagine what a difference you could make to small businesses if you could help facilitate a forum where business owners could talk openly about the challenges and opportunities that they face running their businesses.  A TAB Board allows around half a dozen business owners to meet every month.  They don’t have any vested interest in each other so will give each other candid advice and share their own experiences in helping each business run even better.  Each month they bring a different issue or opportunity to the board to work through with the other business owners.

Business Coaching

As a TAB Facilitator, you will run monthly 1-2-1 sessions with your members.  Your job is to help the business owner regain that feeling of excitement that they experienced when they first set up their own business, and remind them of why they do it.  These sessions provide a real opportunity to keep the business owner focused, accountable and on track to achieve their goals.

Business Builders Blueprint

After three decades of experience working with small business owners, TAB has brought this real world experience together in the developement of the BBB tool.  BBB translates our experiences into a strategic process that is simple, approachable and appropriate for businesses of all sizes.


  • Ensures the business owner’s personal vision is aligned with the business vision.
  • Drives business owners to work towards a long term company vision and take a strategic approach to achieving it.
  • Both business owners and employees are held accountable.
  • Helps allocate business, financial and human resources for optimum peformance.
  • Builds alignment between management and synergies within the business.

TAB Connect

The ultimate business network tool.  It’s made up of thousands of TAB Members from around the world, committed to helping each other reach business goals and navigate challenges.  Our Members often use TAB Connect to gain invaluable insights from peers in more than 20 countries.  Why reinvent the wheel when someone else out there has no doubt confronted and conquered a similar problem.





Operating a business without a strategic plan is like tying to drive from the passenger seat.  Strategic planning puts you in the drivers seat.  It’s also a roadmap which navigates a company towards it’s goals, and that informas leaders of oncoming roadblocks.  A business witbout this control is far more likely to get lost, or turned around.

This is why The Alternative Board developed Stratpro.  It is a strategic business transformation process, working more closely with organisations and generate more revenue for your TAB business.

Value Builder


Value Builder is an assessment and coaching programme specifically aimed at building value in a business for a successful and profitable exit.  We have partnered with them and they have developed the programme in such a way that it fits in well with BBB and can be offered as an add on to standard membership or as a stand alone assignment



Using straight forward analysis, clear reporting and a holistic approach NumerEyes aims to help Clients gain clarity around their numbers and control over their business.





  DISC is a very powerful tool that will help people to:

  • Understand yourself and your own behaviour

  • Understand your team and how to get the best from the people in it

  • Recognise who you’re interacting with and how to get on with different people

  • Improve your communication skills and the relationship-building process