As a small business coach, it can be challenging to attain new clients. 

In a saturated market, positioning yourself as a leader in the field compared to other business coaches can be difficult, but not impossible. A robust marketing strategy will help you turn marketing into prospects, prospects into clients. 

Thought Leadership 

As a business coach, owners will look to you for insight and wisdom. They will expect you to forecast trends and dips, observe the landscape of the business environment and engage with the community. 

So being a thought leader in the field is crucial. 

Using social media, columns, and video content to share your voice, knowledge, and ideas will position you as an authority in the field. Use social media platforms to add value to followers while engaging them, keeping your profile in front of their minds. 

When they have a problem they simply can’t solve, they’ll look to alternatives, make it you that offers a solution. 

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets such as ebooks and guides can be a fantastic way to offer value while capturing data. 

Consider your insight and wisdom as a business coach – what conversations are you having regularly? Could these conversations be turned into learning opportunities for others? Maybe a webinar video or guide could be distributed that could help other business owners suffering similar issues. 

Using a Business Franchise 

Business franchises like The Alternative Board offer a range of tools and proprietary systems to enable business coaches’ structure and framework for business development. Joining a franchise will give you access to a wider network of marketing collateral as well as business tools, and enhance your credibility. The Alternative Board Australia has been in business for more than 30 years and has resources from its worldwide network enabling owners to tap into a community of support and knowledge. 

We practice what we preach to small businesses, encouraging collaboration and community. 


LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for coaches to find small business owners and directors to outreach to, however, it’s also where most business coaches look for clients. 

A typical procedure is to search users by job title and look to connect with small business owners and send them a direct message to explain why you’re connecting. 

However, this often is limited numbers and can be construed as spam. So it’s important to tailor your message and content to the person you’re messaging. Even mentioning the owner’s business in the direct message will help you be differentiated, but furthermore, explaining what value you can add to the owner’s business specific to its sector will help. 

Use LinkedIn as a two-way tool, engage with other profiles and share insight that interests you – chances are if you find it interesting, your audience will too. 

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