Working in the corporate world undoubtedly has its own perks, as does owning a business. But if you’re now wanting to experience something a little different, perhaps somethings with more independence and flexibility, an opportunity where you’re actively making a difference to other’s lives, while still receiving a steady paycheck – The Alternative Board business is the one for you. 

Our franchise owners are commonly known as TAB Business Owners, since to us, they’re more than just ‘franchisees’, they’re a group of individuals who’re like-minded people, driven by the success of others, are committed and full of passion.

But as a community wanting to help business owners work through their problems and succeed in their businesses, we ensure our business owners are protected, looked after and growing as well. We practice what we preach in our peer boards, and support each other, work together and collaborate to problem solve.

Here are a few benefits of The Alternative Board franchises.

Subscription model

A business prospers through its clients – and in our case, through our members. Our members are crucial to our operations and statistics show their loyalty towards us! The average member stays with us for years. This ensures a predictable, handsome income keeps making its way to you, as well as provides you with a chance to create a real difference. 

Business hours

Businesses are infamous for stealing away owners’ time, making it a 24/7 commitment for them. With The Alternative Board however, hours of operation are strictly business hours. We understand the importance of work-life balance, which is why we promote working smarter, more efficiently, and still have time for personal commitments.

Work from home

The advantage of owning a TAB business is that apart from board meetings and a few other networking events, you can work completely from home! You are your own boss, and are your only employee, eliminating the need for an office space away from home to accommodate several staff members.

World-class training

The Alternative Board franchise owners get access to some of the best training programmes, that provides them with the confidence and competence required to recruit new members, set up their boards and further help them flourish. At TAB, we put great focus on providing support not only to our members, but also out business owners. This is done by giving them regular in-depth training that allows them to market their services to the best of their abilities, ensuing long-term member retention.

As a team committed to ongoing learning, our training programme comes without an expiration date – this means, our business owners can revisit all training manuals at their own pace, whenever they please.

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