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The Alternative Board (TAB), operates globally, and is the world’s largest franchise network, providing members with peer advisory boards and business coaching. Over 30,000 business owners around the world have benefited from The Alternative Board’s model since 1990, helping them to run their businesses with more support and strategy.


Our Members come together in small, carefully selected groups of like minded business owners, gaining knowledge and receiving advice from their peers as well as participating in one on one business coaching with their certified facilitator coach.

We have the ability to deliver all of our services both face to face and virtually!

Does  business ownership with The Alternative Board sound right for you? Do you see yourself growing and facilitating TAB Boards and coaching members? Find out today how to become a TAB Owner!

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The Alternative Board Business Owners

“My life has changed since becoming a Business Owner with The Alternative Board  in that I am more focused. I make decisions based on my own personal vision and where I am trying to get to. Its really helped me determine what is important, what’s taking me towards where I want to go in terms of achieving my personal vision and business vision and letting go of the things that aren’t taking me there.”

Mary Stevenson

TAB Business Owner, Townsville Region

My life has changed immeasurably since buying a franchise with The Alternative Board.  I have something to smile about! 

I love the interaction with others who are seeking solutions and need someone to talk to – it’s very gratifying! 

I also love the fact that I am only accountable for myself!”

Ivan Carlse

TAB Business Owner, Sunshine Coast South

“I love working closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to help define the direction of their businesses and create strategies to achieve their goals.

Helping business owners is what gets me out of bed in the morning, seeing the growth and improvement.”

Darren Cron

TAB Business Owner, Perth East

“I love the fact that I get to work with fellow business owners and help them make better decisions for their business. 

This gives them more satisfaction in their business and enables them to work more effectively and therefore gives them better work life balance.” 

Paul Ayton

TAB Business Owner, Melbourne Outer East

“One of the reasons I became a franchisee is the belief in the TAB methodology.  The concept of sharing ideas and challenges is the essential ingredient for success in business.

My members experience a better way to analyse, consider and then act on challenges or opportunities they face.  I love being part of that journey with them.”

Tim Horbury

TAB Business Owner, Adelaide City

I love the tools that The Alternative Board gives me access to.  Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already there!  

 I love the ability to see people grow.  You can see it in both their personal and business lives.  Being a part of that is what makes me tick!”

Crystal Petzer

TAB Business Owner, Pittwater